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It may be helpful to programme secretaries of other societies or university departments to know that some members of the Veterinary History Society are willing to address meetings on topics in which they have a specialist knowledge. An indication of the range of topics can be found on the Members Interests page.

Enquiries in the first instance should be addressed to the Secretary.

Lectures that have been given recently include:-

"From Marshalcy to Veterinary Medicine: a Brief History of the Development of Veterinary Medicine" to the Pybus Society, the medical history society of the University of Newcastle.

"Adrian Jones (1845 - 1938): Army Veterinary Surgeon, Painter and Sculptor" to a joint meeting of the Croydon Society and the Croydon Natural History Society. Jones never had any formal art training but he had a prodigious talent and supreme confidence in his own ability. His epic work is the Quadriga of Peace that stands atop the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner. It weighs 38 tons and was erected in 1912. There are three other major works of his nearby.

"Rabies: the Myths and the Reality" lecture presented at the Golden Jubilee Congress of the British Small-Animal Veterinary Association, in Birmingham, April 2007