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Newsletter - Spring 2015

Dear Members,

Having to follow our enormously successful first UK Congress of the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine last year is a hard task, but you will not be disappointed with these meetings.

Friday June 12th 2015 - the Erasmus Darwin House, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 7AD. This Georgian house, now a museum, was owned by Erasmus Darwin for much of his life when he was a successful medical practitioner in the town; it displays many of his belongings, documents and books. Our Society will meet in the Lunar Room, where previously members of the Lunar Society, composed of men now famous for their contribution to England's industrialisation, gathered to talk and experiment – Boulton, Wedgwood, Priestley, Watt, Galton and others.
After being shown round the house, our programme will include talks on Erasmus Darwin and the Lunar Society, and also on his grandson Charles Darwin. And Richard Stephenson will be giving a paper entitled Over 150 years of Veterinary Practice in Lichfield.
Lichfield really deserves a longer stay, to give time to take in the mediaeval cathedral with its three spires, and the town’s Anglo-Saxon treasures. The Close is unspoilt, and the Bishop’s Palace is now used by the Cathedral School. The Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum is also in the centre.
A flyer with all details will be sent next month. Should you now definitely wish to go, email or  ‘phone John Clewlow (see below) – numbers are limited by the size of the Lunar Room.

7th - 14th October 2015 - The Pardubice Steeplechase, Prague, included in an exciting and busy tour with fine collections of European art. This visit is with members of the British Sporting Art Trust, and was proposed by Professor ‘Twink' Allen who knows the area well and can recommend this extraordinary race. Details of all the visits - houses, castles, studs - are on our website, or contact Clare Boulton our secretary (see below)

Wednesday 2nd December 2015 at the RCVS, to include the AGM.

Looking ahead to June 2016, the VHS will be hosting a joint meeting in London with RCVS Knowledge, International Cat Care, and the Central Veterinary Society on the broad theme of 'humans, cats and vets in history'.  More details to follow.  

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Please send your email addresses to the Membership Secretary  robin@bone.net

The Editor wishes to remind members and their friends that he is always seeking items for Veterinary History. Papers on past experiences and veterinarians, practices, photographs, even Tail-Enders, all are welcome for possible publication in our international journal.

GRANVILLE PENN PRESS  The latest reviews of recently published Robert Stordy in Abyssinia: An Extraordinary Veterinary Surgeon by Bruce Vivash Jones and Clare Boulton reflect a continuing interest in the man and his epic journey.
“The book will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of veterinary services in colonial Africa .... however, it is as a travel journal that the book should be most widely appreciated.”  Veterinary Record
“This work has the adventure of exploration and opens the curtain to a previously little known part of the world.  It would make an excellent gift for veterinary historians, Colonial scholars, students of Africa and cultural anthropologists”  Veterinary History
Order forms can be downloaded from the Veterinary History Society website.  VHS members qualify for a discounted price.

FREE BOOKS!  Surplus to requirements:  one copy each of British Pharmacopoeia (Veterinary) 1985 and British Pharmacopoeia (Veterinary) 1993, published by HMSO, ‘as new’ condition; of interest and value to anyone studying the history of veterinary medication in Britain.  These are both big hard- backed books and if wanted can be collected from Cirencester, or possibly at a future VHS meeting.  Enquiries to vivashbvj123@btinternet.com.

List of Members:  Aldiss, J A; Altay, Prof U; Allcock, Ms P; Andrews, Dr A; Bainbridge, J R; Ball, A; Barbour-Hill, E; Basagas Gul, Mrs R T; Basaran, B; Baxter, C J K; Biggs, Prof P M; Blakeway, S; Bland, Dr K P; Blayney, J D; Bledsoe, Ms R; Blythman, W G; Boden, E; Bone, R; Booth, S; Borsberry, S; Boulton, C; Boyd, C T; Boyde, C; Brice, Ms K; Broberg, J; Burford, Ms N; Burnard, Mrs C; Burke, Miss M M; Cassidy, Dr A; Caton, Prof B; Chitty, J R; Clayton-Jones, D G; Clewlow, J; Clutton, R E; Cook, Ms J; Cooper, G R; Cooper, Prof J E; Coulson, A; Cox, T; Curth, Dr L; Dalzell, Ms F; Daly, S; Davies, G; Deraga, Dr D; Derbyshire, Dr J B; Desmond, Dr J; Donald, Ms H; Dunwell, R; Edwards, A; Else, Prof R; Ewbank, R; Farragher, Dr T; Faulconbridge, Dr L; Fisher, Dr J R; Fothergill, Dr T; Fouhy, S; Francis, Mrs; Franklin, Prof R; Gardiner, A; Genc, Dr S V; Gibbs, Dr P; Gidman, B P; Giles, M; Grant, M; Greenwood, A G; Greenwood, R E S; Griffiths, A V; Harris, V; Hinton, Dr M; Hipperson, Ms J; Holmes, Dr J M; Horder, Ms B; Houlton, J E F; Ishmael, Dr J; Jackson, D G; Jackson, Dr P; Jackson, Dr W T; Johnston, Mrs T J; Jones, B V; Kaidi, R; Kaplan, Dr R; Kappen, K; Kenny, N; Kirk, Dr R; Knesl, O; Lane, D R; Lane, P; Leslie, N W; Laursen-Jones, A  P; Longmire, Ms K; McBride, Dr A; McCaig, J; Macdonald, A A; Mack, J; Mann, J; Mares, Mrs; Marshall, Miss C; Matthews, R; Melia, J; Michalopoulou, E; Mitsuda, Dr T; Moffitt, J A; Molony, Prof B; Morton, Prof D B; Murdoch, R; North, D C; Nurzhan, Prof S; O’Reilly, P J; Ogundipe, Dr G; Palmer, Dr A C; Pepper, D B; Perren, Dr R; Price-Feraud, Mrs K; Riccomini, Miss F; Richardson, Miss C; Ricketts, S W; Roberts, Dr R J; Rosier, Miss K; Rowland, A C; Sapoznikov, Dr O; Sauvage, J P; Sayer, Dr K; Scott, P W; Seifelnasr, Dr E; Shehada, H A; Simmonds, D J; Smith, Dr D; Skipper, Mrs A; Snijders, A; Stark, Dr J; Stephenson, R; Stewart, N; Stratton, J; Sutton, J B; Swinburne, Dr L M; Thomas, I; Thomas, Dr R; Uribe, Ms B; Van Roosbroeck, F; Vaught, Ms J; Viner, B P; Walker, R E; Ward, K; Warwick, C; Watkins, J D; Whitehead, M; Williams, Ms J; Williamson, D S; Wojcinski, Dr Z W; Wood, J G P; Woods, Dr A.
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