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Major-General Sir Frederick Smith: His Life and Work
by Bruce Vivash Jones BVetSts, MRCVS

This new book is the first to investigate and assess Sir Frederick Smith, recognized as one of the most important British veterinarians.

In 1873 he entered the Royal Veterinary College and graduated aged 18. He was commissioned into the Army in 1876 and also published the first of over 150 clinical research papers he was to write.  In India he was co-founder and joint editor of the Quarterly Journal of Veterinary Science in India. He became Professor at the Army Veterinary School in 1886 resulting in 9 years of clinical research, and publishing A Manual of Veterinary Hygiene, A Manual of Saddles and Sore Backs and A Manual of Veterinary Physiology.

He was on active service in the Sudan in 1898 and again in 1899 in the South African Boer War: resulting in the influential A Veterinary History of the War in South Africa.  After serving as Principal Veterinary Officer for South Africa he returned to England and in 1907 was appointed Director General of the Army Veterinary Service at the War Office.  He faced constant frustration but eventually his proposals for reorganization were accepted – as a result the Army Veterinary Service was ready for action when the 1914-18 war started.  Recalled from retirement he served as Assistant Director-General and in 1918 was created KCMG.

Smith’s latter years were devoted to writing, first A History of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, a very detailed study of the service.  This was followed by The History of Veterinary Literature: in four volumes he traces the evolution and development of veterinary medicine and the profession from ancient times to the late 1800s.  He left his ‘autobiography’ without any instructions as to its purpose. Previously unpublished, this document is included in the book.

Major-General Sir Frederick Smith: His Life and Work (hardback 193 pages, 7 illustrations) ISBN 978-0-9566200-3-3. Price £25.00 Published 2016.  A book which tells his story and achievements in the four parts of his life: soldier, clinician, educator and historian as well as being a prolific author.